Dynamic Content
Dynamise your e-mails, with Chirrupon

Personalising your e-mails by database fields is great for your response rates.
Now imagine if you could tailor your campaign so different groups of your audience receive different content – depending on how you’ve segmented them – different offers, images, copy or calls to action. Imagine how seriously targeted and response driven your e-mail campaigns would become. With Chirrupon you can do all of this – simply and easily.


Our unique Dynamic Content Builder enables you to:
  • Easily create e-mails with highly targeted content for different groups of customers
  • Quickly and simply set up rules that decide which recipient gets which e-mail content, without having to create separate datasets and campaigns
  • Send one campaign, with multiple targeted messages, and watch your response rates sore.

You won’t find another Dynamic Content feature on the market as easy to use as Chirrupon’s. It’s an e-mail marketing power-tool that anyone in your team can use to 'dynamise' your results! Tip. Availability of Dynamic Content feature differs between our three e-mail marketing packages.
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