Managing your mailing list
We know your data is the engine-room of your e-mail marketing.


That’s why Chirrupon takes the headache out of managing your data – making it a simple and smooth-running process.
  • Easy data import and export – Saves time
    In a mouse click you can import or export address lists from and to virtually any software package.
    Depending on your choice of Chirrupon package, your mailing lists (known as address books) can be as large as you like – and you can choose how many separate address books you need to store.
  • Built-in deduping – saves you wastage
    Chirrupon automatically removes duplicates from your lists on upload, along with wrongly formatted e-mail addresses – saving you time and wastage.
  • Clean your data against Chirrupon's Global Supression File
    Reduce your bounce-backs and increase your deliverability.
  • Use Chirrupon to build your database
    With Chirrupon it's a simple matter to add a sign-up form to your own website that will automatically populate any Chirrupon address book, in real time. And Chirrupon will send an auto-reply to anyone who signs up.

    So with Chirrupon, you can use your website to actively build your database with valuable ‘permission-based’ names.
  • What’s more...
    You can include a 'forward to a friend' link in your e-mails to help spread your message and build your database further – a process automatically managed by Chirrupon.
  • Go viral!
    Only Chirrupon enables you to embed social networking site links in your emails, and then report on how many times your e-mail gets posted to these sites. Don’t miss this great opportunity to go viral with your marketing messages!

Tip. Availability of features differs between our three e-mail marketing packages.
Compare package features here.

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