Triggered e-mails
Set up powerful triggered e-mail campaigns to generate leads and conversions – automatically.


Triggered e-mails are the secret weapon that can turn your lead and conversion generation into an automated production line!
Chirrupon allows you to create unlimited triggered e-mail campaigns based on any data segments and variables you choose from your database.


Advanced marketing techniques – made easy

The Chirrupon tool is incredibly easy to use. It’s like having key elements of your e-mail marketing on autopilot.
You set up conditions and when the conditions are met, an e-mail is automatically sent – saving you resource and generating response.


Use Chirrupon to create any variation of three types of automated e-mails:
  • Auto-response e-mails
    Easily set-up auto-responses to recipients who reply to an e-mail directly, to ensure they contact you through the best channel.
  • Series trigger campaigns
    Renewal programmes, prospect warming, free trial conversions – any series of targeted multiple communications you want to put in place, Chirrupon will schedule and send automatically – basically do your e-mail marketing for you!
  • Custom event triggers
    There are literally hundreds of 'custom event' triggers you can use to drive your automated campaigns. From customers’ birthdays, to their buying patterns, and expressed preferences, from seasons and holiday dates to life cycle milestones.

Send the right content at the right moment – automatically, with Chirrupon.
Tip. Availability of the Triggered E-mail feature differs between our three e-mail marketing packages.
Compare package features here.
Click for a FREE trial , or call us on 01772 254000 for a no obligation demonstration of this seriously effective tool.

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