Managing your unsubscribes
Chirrupon provides watertight data protection
Chirrupon Enterprise includes full bounce-back management, so you can be sure you are data protection compliant.
Any ‘unsubscribes’ are automatically removed from your lists in real time and added to a suppression file so Chirrupon will never e-mail them again – even if you re-import that contact unknowingly.
This gives you full protection under anti-spam legislation.
Plus, we go one step further..

Chirrupon has access to ISP Feedback Loop alerts, so if a recipient hits the ‘Junk’ button in their inbox, we’ll automatically unsubscribe them – a key tactic for avoiding ISP black lists.
  • Upload your own suppression file Chirrupon enables you to upload your own suppression file into the platform, quickly and easily.
  • Automatic bounce-back management
    Undelivered e-mails ('bounce-backs') are also dealt with automatically.
    You can set thresholds for the number of times Chirrupon tries to re-send a bounced e-mail, before it automatically unsubscribes the recipient
  • Reply management Any replies to your e-mail can be set to forward to an address of your choice or sifted on-screen via a webmail-type system.

Tip. Availability of features differs between our three e-mail marketing packages.
Compare package features here.

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